Terms and Conditions

Ownership of the site

The website at activefitness.co.za and its content, with the exception of stock images, in all subdomains and pages is owned by Active Fitness.

Copyright for the material offered on the website and store pages

The owner of this website reserves all copyrights regarding the content on the site. No images, text, videos and particularly no content from the workout plans may be shared in part or as a whole directly or indirectly with anyone other than an Active Fitness support technician or without written permission from the company director. Cookies are allowed to be stored and website images or videos may be cached as per our cookie scripts, but may not be copied onto a secondary storage device or used in any form of plagiarism.

Liabilities and responsibilities of Active Fitness

Although our plans are designed to relieve stress on your joints, it is still your own responsibility to ensure that your entire body is healthy enough to perform the exercises without causing harm. If at any time you feel unwell or experience pain, it is best to consult with a qualified medical practitioner regarding your level of health and to discuss their assessment of your abilities and the requirements of the exercises. Active Fitness does not assume responsibility if this warning is not adhered to.

Requirements for using our website

Device requirements to use our website is an internet-enabled mobile device, laptop or desktop with a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and at least 250MB of free primary hard drive space.
To purchase a subscription to any of our workout plans, a Visa/Mastercard enabled credit/debit card is required.

Notification upon modification of terms

We may make changes and amendments to our terms as often as necessary and without notice. If these changes affect you as a member, we will inform you by e-mail.

Termination of contract

If you wish to terminate your subscription you can do so by writing an email to admin@activefitness.co.za or sending a message on the website at https://activefitness.co.za/#contact
A notice of your cancellation will be emailed to confirm your subscription has ended and no further charges will apply.

Contact information

You can get hold of us by sending a message on the website at https://activefitness.co.za/#contact, by email: admin@activefitness.co.za or by phone: +27 73 040 9304.