Gym Gladiator Workout

Gym Gladiator Workout Package for 3 months of training. Choose a workout plan that suits you best.
To do this workout you need access to a gym

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Gym Gladiator Workout Package

The Gym Gladiator Workout Package. Not for the feint hearted. This workout package is the prescribed workout plan for men aged 16 – 50 with access to a gym for 45 – 60 mins, 4 times per week. This exercise program uses strength training and also cardiovascular training to improve your body and the program also changes to a strength endurance program.

As with all our exercise programs, this plan is guaranteed to show tangible results if followed as directed and you will never get bored of doing the same routine over and over again. Combined with an electronic assistant that keeps track of your progress on any device you’re logged into with your Active Fitness account, it’s affordable, easy to follow and even prescribed by professional trainers.


What you get:

Four times per week

  • An up-to-date fitness plan tailored to the ultimate body workout
  • New exercise routines every week
  • Upper body workout day
  • Full Body Endurance workout day
  • Core Workout Day
  • Lower body workout day
  • Great after-sale support
  • Online tracking of your progress

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