Fat loss Cardio isnt everything

Fat loss – Cardio isn’t everything

The biggest thing that most beginners fall for is that cardiovascular training will help with fat loss. This is true for the short-term but in the long-term, there are better options. A better option is to combine weight training with cardiovascular training and you can also use high-intensity short interval training. So let’s start with why cardiovascular training on its own is not the best for fat loss in the long term.

In the Beginning, cardiovascular training does help with fat loss but cardiovascular training also causes you to lose a lot of mass in the long term and this causes your metabolic rate to slow down. Because some of that mass is the muscle and losing some of that muscle mass your and that causes your metabolic rate to drop. This is the opposite of what you want to actually achieve you actually want to increase your metabolic rate so by using weight training will actually help improve your metabolic rate and this happens because of muscle development and automatically that’s causing your resting metabolic rate to increase also and by combining both you actually get the best of both and you can also combine weight training with high-intensity short interval training this will also help with fat loss.

Fat loss. Combination exercises that work


The question is what exercises are best for fat loss and muscle development so there are two different kinds of exercises that we can put against each other. Compound and isolation exercises (Description of an isolation exercise involved a single joint perform a motion examples leg extensions and bicep curls. In compound exercises multiple joints move while the exercise is performed Sample of exercises are squats and pull-ups) Both have advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of isolation exercises is that you can take it to failure sunlight compound exercises that you can only take until a certain point and then no further it will increase the risk of injury.

The advantage of compound exercises is that it recruits a lot more muscles there for and this means that he’ll actually get greater overall muscle development, for example, performing a squat, for example, you need some form of mobility and stability to perform a squat. Compound exercises actually have a greater potential in developing your muscles overall and also that it takes more energy to perform compound exercises and this also means that you burn more calories.

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