3 Fitness myths you need to know about. First up, we have spot fat reduction.

Now, spot fat reduction says by just training one specific area of the body, you will lose fat at that specific area and the rest of the body will stay exactly the same. However, that is not true. Let’s use an example; let’s say you are training just your core. Well, just training your core will mean that you are strengthening your core muscles, but not actually burning more fat. The muscles may become more developed and stronger, but that does not mean that your body fat percentage is dropping in that specific area.

The only way to accomplish this is by training the entire body and going on a healthy diet. Also, the body first loses fat at the most distant point away from your centre, and as your body fat percentage becomes lower and lower, it moves closer towards your centre. That’s why you would see that maybe you get leaner at the most distant point away from your centre first, and as you are becoming leaner, you will start seeing your six-pack appear.

Fitness Myth Number Two

But let’s move on to fitness myth number two. Fitness myth number two is basically you need to train according to your body type. However, there are certain things that you need to train according to, but training according to your body type isn’t one of them. For example, if you had any form of injury in the past, you might need to have a workout programme that is designed specifically for you, that takes into consideration your injuries. The other one would be if you are a beginner or intermediate or someone that’s more advanced. Then you need a workout programme designed for you on the specific level that you are.

Fitness Myth Number Three

The third myth in our 3 fitness myths, is for athletes. If you are a marathon runner, you need a workout programme that is designed for marathon runners and not for rugby players.
A few examples of certain circumstances that you need a workout programme that is designed specifically for you, but for Average Joe that wants to just build muscle and lose a little bit of fat; if we have two people that are genetically different, and we put them on the same exact programme, both of them will show results and both of them will have increased muscle mass if they’re training to increase their muscle mass.

If their diet is sufficient and also correctly designed for them, then that will help them to accomplish that goal and both of them will put on muscle mass. But genetics do play a role. For example, one of them might actually gain muscle mass a little bit faster while the other one struggles to increase his muscle mass.
But it will also increase over time. Now, there are many differences in the human body, and we all are a little bit different, but if you are training to increase your muscle mass or to become stronger, you will become stronger.

Now, for fitness myth number three, is something that you may have heard that directly after you have finished your workout, you need to get protein in. While that’s a good thing to take in protein, you don’t need to take it necessarily directly after you did your workout. You just need to make sure that your diet has the right amount of protein in it and that you get every single day the right amount of protein. Good advice there would be to consult a dietician to find out how much protein you should take in per day and for your body mass. Also, get a good healthy diet plan.

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